Centre of the Network

Centre of the Network

Today is tuesday, so why not make a comment on last week’s lecture.

I came in late, but I do remember one good question put forward about centres of networks. Do they have them or do we create them ourselves.

I think most do have a centre, but at the same time, we can create our own cetnres for them depending on our circumstances. I know that the centre of public transport in Melbourne is obviously in the city. But when I look at it for my circumstances, the centre of public transport is the 500 metre radius around my house. I have a bus that can take me to the city, one that will take me to Doncaster Shopping centre. The end of the 48 tram line is a 5 minute walk from my house, which is where I can begin to access more areas of transport. I also have another bus route which I rarely take but that takes me in another direction. The point is, there are various points near my house that I see as being the centre of my transportation network.

Another instance where netowkrs do not have a defined centre is the internet. Everybody has their own centre. Facebook is many peoples centre as they start their internet browse from their and get links out of Facebook to other sites. For me, I don’t really have a centre for my internet network. What I do have is about 30 pages all bookmarks which I head to every time I browse, to check social updates, the latest news in film, games, music, global issues. For me these 30 odd websites are the centre of my internet network, because I expand from them when I go on them. I find links to other sites which take me out of my network.

This isn’t a long post, but I thought I should at least make a post about the lecture.