How to add an image to the Wiki (in HTML)

How to add an image to the Wiki (in HTML)

This is easy. All I had to do to figure this one out was to look on google.

1. Open your desired Wiki page, and go to the edit screen.

2. Once their, change your tab from visual to HTML.

3. Copy this into the place you want your image.

<img src=”URL of image” />

 (NOTE: You need to delete the two ( ” ) symbols or it will not work.)
4. Replace (URL of image) with the URL link to your image. (So if you have an image stored on your computer, either find it again if you saved it or upload it to Flickr or Photobucket [easy to make a quick account if you don’t have one])
5. Go back to the visual tab and you should see your image.
You’re welcome.