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Fashion is something I have a huge interest in and hopefully I get to work with it in my future career. Whether its filming/directing fashion advertisements, or incorporating fashion as a main element in artistic short films. or whether I do a completely different degree after this course that gets me into the fashion industry directly. I don’t care, this isn’t the point of this blog post, the point of this post is to talk about fashion advancement and the lack thereof.

I am subscribed to a number of different fashion retailers that send me advertisements almost daily. And what I’ve noticed from these ads are the lack of innovative thinking. The more commercial brands like Glue and Edge continue to design, stock and sell very simple, plain and boring clothing. I got an email the other day that was split into two. The woman’s section that invited them to try these brand new beautiful and intricate designed outfits, and then the male’s section that invited them to buy flannels. Like seriously? flannels? The only reason someone should be wearing a flannel is if they are a farmer, or are wearing it ironically.

I feel like it’s time to progress and evolve in terms of men’s fashion designs.

Style goes in and out of….. well….. fashion…. constantly. And a huge culprit is media advertisements. They glamourise and glorify what styles they think should be in season.

The other day I wore a double zipped jacket where I pulled the zips up to the top so the jacket was opened aside from the two sides of the colour that joined, and I was shocked at the amount of comments I got asking about the style, if the zips were broken, what was going on etc. It was as if by going against the fashion culture’s ‘norm’, by challenging how jackets are usually worn/designed, I had done something that would deem me out of my mind.

Seriously, its time men’s fashion took a leap forward and we moved away from the typical jeans, a shirt, or a suit, and started designing intricate outfits that communicates so much more than, “these were in my wardrobe and they were clean”.

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17. May 2015 by jamesjenkin
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