#3 progression

Again we presented our progress with the class in terms of our group assignment and listened/provided feed back to other group members.

not gunna lie – faiiiiiirrrllly boring stuff

However, as a group, we finally came up with better topics/areas we each can cover. Instead of music I’ll cover film. With this idea we can create a media piece and then adapt it using the different mediums. THIS COVERS US FOR THE CREAT ASPECT. furthermore we’ll be presenting through a website. That for me, is two home runs. Although I have to redo I’ll my research, we do have a fair bit of time left, and I’m really excited to get back behind the camera and start filming and editing again.


In terms of class feedback, not a lot has been said to be honest. And the same goes with every other group. I feel like we’re all just a bit like, live and let live, maybe because we’re all a bit uneasy about this brief?


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11. May 2015 by jamesjenkin
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