Narratives, Stories and Lists.

I think what i understand from this reading by Marie-Laure Ryan, is that narrative is something that people can all recognise and follow, and people are able to identify a narrative when they see it. However, people are less likely to have the same view of what a story is. Therefore, the writer of the story can never know how their reader will think of it. Also, there are particular conditions in order for there to be a narrative. Spatial, Temporal, Mental and Formal and Pragmatic dimensions. So narrative is the physical constructon of the story, and the story is the mental representation of the narrative that the reader finds.

In Ian Bogost’s writing, he explains how lists are used in narrative. They can create structure where there was none before, but they also disrupt the fluidity of the piece, as lists generally are to be heard and not felt. Even when lists are used in poetry, that can take away from the lyrical, fluid ability of the piece.

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