Last week I forgot to blog about this.

We can generate legitimate artefacts out of processes that are arbitrary – but still work.

We played the game exquisite corpse which was my first time.

This helped us to understand procedural work – To familiarise ourselves with making work that might itself be unspectacular, but what matters is knowing the rules. If you look at these without understanding the game (drawing something, folding the paper and giving it to someone else) they’re pretty weird and not that impressive.

There is no emphasis on the finished work of our soundscapes and videos. Its about the rule or constraint we set ourselves and once you define the rule its infinitely repeatable.

Blue Poles is a significant painting because of its political backstory – it has a place in Australian history. Its a marker of the flourishing abstract expressionist movement in 1950s New York.

If Blue Poles was on the ground in the laneway outside the gallery – you’d probably walk over it. The initial conditions matter.

Jackson Pollock. Blue poles. 1952. © Pollock-Krasner Foundation/ARS

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