I’ve never liked collaborative work for uni projects. I’m either the one who does everything or the one who does nothing and I don’t like being either.

This project I actually enjoyed being part of though because it was an even mix of both. Not that all facets of the work was evenly distributed and organised amongst the four group members every step of the way, but it definitely felt like the workload was more balanced than usual and everyone played to their strengths.

The major difficulty was being in a group with four people, who all had incredibly different schedules. It was impossible for the work to be balanced every step of the way,  and it was very difficult for us to all be in the same place at the same time. This worked though in terms of some did the organising, the filming, the editing, etc. but it made it difficult to coordinate certain aspects and have consistent input from all involved.

In terms of what makes a good collaborative partner i think they key is consistent regular contribution and being as contactable as possible. Contribute throughout the process even if it’s just with your opinion or perspective, it makes the process easier for everyone else if they know how you feel about it and helps minimise some the struggles of the decision making process. Being contactable and responding to messages is essential if you all have very busy schedules and can’t all be physically present, don’t ignore messages to respond to later. Which I know I’ve been guilty of.



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