Media Studio – Week 1

The beginning of this studio had us considering documentary as well as participation within documentary. We formulated ideas on what we potentially wanted to produce a doco on. I had 0 ideas.

The kind of idea I want to avoid:
– Overly complex concepts that would be difficult to communicate within the structure of the final outcome
– Sensitive/contentious issues that require a standpoint and could offend or be misconstrued
– Difficult to access subjects, groups that will be hard to contact or reluctant to be involved

The kind of idea I want:
– Relatively simplistic. An easy to grasp single concept/idea/issue
– Accessible participants
– Positive. Something uplifting/heartwarming
– A point of view that is not debatable e.g. community work or a group doing something good. I don’t want people to watch and think “hmmm i don’t agree with that/this”
– Explore the benefits of something that might otherwise be overlooked


RMIT student studying Bachelor of Communications Media. Focus on Cinema and video production.

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