We sat around one table, figuring out how to structure our three hours.
What don’t you understand about Ontography? What hasn’t come thru?

After chatting for a while, we referred back to our ‘troubling quotes’ to see if they were still as troubling as before. What’s confusing? What can’t we understand? Monique took down our responses, nagging questions, whatever arose.

Which question will we answer? We asked each other, wanting move into the next phase of the studio: the making. We considered answering “How do you make an Ontograph” (by making an Ontograph) sorta in line w/ Bill Nichols Reflexive Documentary Mode. Eventually, we landed on trying to clarify the statement we found most mystifying: “All things equally exist, but they do not exist equally”

We threw around shapes for our Ontograph, immediately favouring video (but deciding on sound). Toying w/ a form similar to Monique’s multi-channel video, discussing how much we would subject our responses to editing.

It went pretty well.  

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