Narrative Lists

Zoe with notes on the Ryan and Bogost. Yes, we have been making lists in our sketch tasks, well spotted/realised.. Mardy enjoys Bogost’s discussion of the role of lists in relation to language more broadly. Natalie picks up that K-films could be non narrative works and offers a great outline of Bogost and lists. Jackie too has brief notes on Ryan and Bogost, while Sam wonders about listing as a form of hypertext connection, and while I’m not sure about that the connection to montage (though only some forms of montage) is accurate. Bec has thorough notes

On Ryan (1)

Grace finds the reading tough (welcome the realm of narratology), but remains unsure if, as Ryan argues, the best definition of narrative requires the context of its receivers as that which trumps anything else. Interesting problem. Is that mountain there a ‘narrative’ in this sense? If I’m a geologist? No. I can explain its presence, but explaining isn’t a narrative or story. However, if I’m indigenous and there is a story about how and why that mountain got there, and is what it is, then yes, it’s a story. In Ryan’s sense. Imogen discusses the Ryan stuff on narrative and Bogost on lists.