Symposium 04 Questions

  1. Bordwell and Thompson state that after watching Rail Road Turnbridge a person “cannot see bridges in the same way” thus experimental films are not just art for arts sake. Can/are Korsakow projects art for arts sake, or can they effect the way people see things? Or like Rail Road Turnbridge are they both at once?
  2. Bordwell and Thompson devote a lot of attention to the formal structure and sequence order to deconstruct films, yet through some i-Docs the individual creates their own unique structure. What other methods can we employ to deconstruct i-Docs, and does this interactive structure take some creative control away from the author/filmmaker?
  3. Do the readings of experimental films rely on the audience that is observing them? And if so to what extent is experimental film an interpretation?
  4. Can you present a persuasive argument using rhetorical form with a Korsakow type film?