How To Publish Your K-Film to the Web

Checklist for Uploading a Korsakow Film

  1. The work has been exported to a single folder (so that you can find all the files you need to upload easily, and so you don’t also upload the original media which will be crazy slow because the files can potentially be huge)
  2. Make sure this folder is called first name.lastname (no capitals, no spaces) so that we know it is yours, you know it is yours, and it won’t replace someone else’s work
  3. You have checked that it works (before you upload)
  4. There are no odd characters or spaces in the folder name (it is only letters, numbers, and keep in mind it will be case sensitive)

To upload you need to use a FTP client. This is software that lets you transfer a file from your computer to a server. On OS X common ones are Cyberduck and Fetch. WinSCP seems to be popular for PC.


Launch your FTP client and the details are:

username: integrated2014
pwrd: comm2251


  • Once logged in you will see a listing of files on the server
  • Open folder
  • Open the im1 folder
  • Open the 2014 folder
  • Drag the folder of your exported film (the one that is called firstname.lastname) into the 2014 folder that is inside im1
  • Wait for all the stuff to be transferred over (the index.html page and the data folder and all its contents)


To figure out the URL for your project, if you followed the instructions above it will be

The last part of the URL is the name of the folder you uploaded, and as long as you did not rename the index.html file in there you do not need to add anymore to the URL to see your project online. If you renamed index.html then the URL will have to be:

Therefore in the screenshot above the URL of this project would be