Integrated Media One has had a reasonably long history. The first iteration it concentrated on what today you’d describe as social media. The subject forms part of a network media specific series of three courses that are compulsory for all media students. This consists of network media, integrated media one, and the imaginatively entitled integrated media two. The first subject introduces basic ideas and skills around network literacies, including blogs, embedding media, multilinear narrative, network (scale free, small world) architectures, and the like. Integrated media one (IM1) looks specifically to interactive time based media. Media students two major media are video and radio, and all are doing one of these while they are doing IM1, and so we use time based media (video and sound) to make strange assumptions about what constitutes practice using these online, and to problematise and critique what we think narrative is, could be, should be. Integrated media two tends to train them up to be what we describe as ‘social media producers’.

The drop down menu contains links to the web sites that have been used (and preserved) for a variety of iterations of IM1. Work prior to 2010 was on a university hosted blog which got swallowed up by some sort of vacuuming ‘that seems to be out of date’ activity beyond my control.