Adrian: How to Change Text on an Interface

How do I change the font, size, and colour of the text that the Korsakow film can display?

For those things that Korsakow displays, for examplethe text that you can enter in a SNU (there are two different places, and categories, of text that you can add), you need to use the interface editor to make changes. The logic is pretty simple, things about presentation (which is what changing fonts and colours and sizes is about) are all interface elements. And so it is the interface editor that matters.

Open up your interface, select the object in the interface editor (so realise the way you need to work here, you need to choose – select something, to make any changes to it) and once you do that over on the right of the interface editor you will see that some properties now become available. These properties vary for different objects in the interface – after all different things in the interface can do different things – and so if you choose a text field you can now choose font face, size, colour, even background colour. NOTE: the fonts displayed rely on them being on the user computer when your work is viewed. If you choose unusual fonts these probably won’t be on your viewer’s computers and so some other font will be substituted.

Figure One: Screenshot showing a text element selected in the interface editor, and the Properties listed include Font Family, Size, Foreground and Background colours.

Figure Two: Screenshot of the Color Picker which appears after choosing Font Foreground Colour.