2014 assessment

Participation (30%)
Film Essay (20%)
Sketch Film (10%)
Major Project + Critical Statement (40%) + optional documentation (5% bonus) + optional prototype presentations (5% bonus)

Participation (finalised in Week 12)

Your participation is assessed in class by you. The participation contract is an outline of the tasks and activities you will undertake through the semester, and you will assess yourself against these in class each week. At the end of the semester, based on the evidence of your participation contract, you will allocate yourself an overall result for your participation in the subject.

A contract is to be completed in week one. The assessment description is available as a Google Doc, or PDF, and the contract (which you will complete each week) is also hanging about as a Google Doc or PDF.

The assessment happens in class during week 12.

Film Essay (due Friday April 4)

Choose any one of the student Korsakow project films that are available via http://vogmae.net.au/classworks (there is work from 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013). This task is to introduce you to ways of writing about a Korsakow film. Using the topics of ‘pattern’, ‘interface’, and ‘content’ write about the film. What sorts of patterns does it seem to use or rely on — if any? How does it’s interface work (what is available for you to do), why? How does this relate to the pattern you have identified? What do you think the film is there about, or trying to do (taking into account the pattern you have argued is present and the interface that it uses)?

This is available as a Google Doc or PDF.

To submit please copy and paste your essay into the Google submission form. Essays will be attached to the Korsakow films that they discuss. NOTE: the form only works if you are logged into Google using your RMIT identity.

Sketch Film (due Friday April 11)

during the first few weeks of semester you will make a series of video sketches. The specific requirements of these will be available each week. Your sketches will be used as a media library for you to make an individual Korsakow film that will be published online.

Get the Google Doc or PDF. The Google Submission form is where you hand in the URL of the blog that that needs to contain the link to your project.

Major Project + Critical Statement (due Friday June 6)

In class you will form a small group to make a major multilinear Korsakow film and accompanying essay, which you will publish online. Details about how to upload your final Korsakow film project….

More available at the Google Doc or PDF. The Google Submission form is where you indicate the URL of a blog post that contains a link to your completed Korsakow project film, and the essay.

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