ghostly whispers – brief 3 feedback

This was marked.

Don’t ask me how, but I managed to lock everyone out of this blog, therefore failing to let my tutor read my Brief 3 reflection.

I’m to go on the feedback that was provided during the pitch – I should definitely look into creating another court case representation. This could be set in the 1950s or 60s as that fills the gap between two I have already. I’ve tried looking for major cases that were set then but the building seems to have been relatively quiet during that period. The State Library could be a good resource but I’m terrible at finding relevant books.

Another idea was to add some soundtrack and lessen up the talking so that it becomes more like my original idea of an ambient narrative. Not sure on this one because I feel it might be too hard to represent each time period without them sounding quite similar. Still worth looking/listening into.

The feedback I got at the pitch and from Rachel made me feel pretty confident in my work though, and I’m glad I had thought the entire final content was due and not just a rough draft. Something about closing a door and another opening. And another closing again.