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Social media seminar is tomorrow. I am ready for this to be over.

I even shared the event on my Facebook page. Now, I’m by no means popular but it really did get a dismal amount of attention. Guess we should’ve hyped this up a little more.

The steering committee’s logo for the seminars is actually pretty quaint. I forgot to mention it before. I still hate that we’re the students in a whole building of media-makers that used the word “Epic” in our title, but that can’t be helped at this point.11873503_10153169103142648_7695031776690150643_n

Ned said he looked into setting up a live twitter feed for the seminar but it has now fallen to me to do. I’m creating a presentation with Projeqt that promises a live stream but has so far failed me. The site is one I’ve used previously but this seminar has required me to look into it further than I have before. The design is really quite nice and it’s very simple to use. I think using a presentation is important, as it’s a standard procedure with seminars (from what I’ve seen e.g. Ted talks) and it gives our audience something to look at other than the guests. The live twitter feed is something we almost can’t not do seeing as we’re focusing on social media. It encourages audience participation and will be a form of entertainment. I think we’ll have plants in the audience ready to post in case no one else does.

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 5.41.52 pm

We also need to get the stage set up. I was there tonight with Kate, Azim, Bryan and James, mapping out the stage. 11873462_10153500117428363_7014879387212669220_n11903955_10153500134763363_6517171603905432230_n
Draft and prototype.

Props! Must get props. Thinking about the black couches in the props room but it could be a little intimate. There were some Facebook-blue chairs in there too that might work better. I would like a fern but everyone has stomped on that idea. Ferns are cool and look tropical yet office-like. Whatever.

Can I just raise my concerns about the steering committee? What exactly is their role in this? Apart from putting up posters, I haven’t seen much work from them and I don’t really understand how that allows them to be marked at the same level. Their communication is lacking except when it comes to posting about our seminars. But that’s a job we do/can do ourselves. I just want someone to clarify their purpose for me. I also want to be notified in advance when someone sets up your refreshments for you, instead of tacking you onto the end of an email chain.

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