update 3.1 or something

We have –

Created promo posters
I’m just not sure what happened to our name though. Yes, this was one of my suggested titles on our group page. No, we didn’t choose this. Yes, it has more to do with epic bloody journeys and social media than Inception does. No, we will not dismiss it entirely. Yes, we will combine this funky poster and title with what we already have.

Established ourselves online
I mean, a social media seminar without a social media presence? Who even does that. We don’t have much to post about yet. Or maybe we do and we just need someone to come and talk to us about promoting ourselves on our online networks and – oh yeah, cool, that’s the whole point of this seminar. Bit of a Catch 22 at this point, isn’t it?

Begun securing guests

Homeless of Melbourne are a yes! Thanks to Matt.
A famous Youtuber is a yes! Thanks to Tom.
Ned says Uber is a definite possibility so that’s fab.

I think these three guests would be perfect for representing types of levels within the dream social media career. You have a first level – presenting yourself online. Sarah the Youtube star can give us the rundown into creating your online image and selling it. It’s a pretty basic concept and there’s a whole lotta people whose lives are based on the videos and blogs they create.
Second level could be using this online presence/media creation and merging it with the physical world. Homeless of Melbourne have a clothing store HoMie that fuses consumerism with a do-good nature. Everyone gets a pat on the back. They have this fantastic following online and I believe it’s how they’re able to set up a clothing brand that actually sells whilst benefiting homeless people.
Third level is the seed of the idea. Uber doesn’t really even need to create an online presence. It’s created for them by people fed up with taxis and looking for the next big thing. They successfully integrate an app with features that resonate with an online culture (ratings, profile pictures, immediacy in tracking) into our everyday lives. They even provide kittens on occasion. Having a product so good that your image is created for you is all that a company could ask for. It’s a very interesting concept.

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