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Homeless of Melbourne – Sit. Chat. Listen. Share. Seems like a good group, I like the idea of them being a local organisation. The Humans of New York theme they’ve got going on is easily recognisable and works well. Interviewing a founder would be very interesting but I wonder how deep it goes. Is it a career in social media?

Pedestrian.TV – Very popular in youth culture. I’m fairly sure nearly everyone in our year level would know who these guys are. Any one of their writers would be good as a guest but I’d ultimately love to hear from the founders. Might be hard as they’re based in Sydney but maybe a Skype conference? A Melbourne rep? Still waiting on a reply from them.

Broadsheet – Local to Melbourne, kinda classy. Haven’t heard back.

Mediaverse – This one is my idea and I think it’s cool because it’s so different. These guys don’t just post on social media about various stirring topics, they analyse our reactions to the stirring topics and shoot that off to brands. Very sneaky, and definitely a pathway no one really knows about. No reply from them yet either. Am I bad at emails or

Used this template of Ned’s and tweaked to each company. You be the judge –

Hi there,
I am a graduating student from RMIT University, finishing a Bachelor of Communications (Media) at the end of this year. We are currently in the planning stages of hosting a seminar designed to showcase some potential career pathways for students once they graduate. The seminar will be an informal discussion with some directed questions to a panel of industry representatives who we are inviting to come and share their knowledge with us. We would love a representative from (insert company name) to come and share with us some insight into what working in your specific industry and comment on some social media trends and how to effective market and promote yourself within a constantly changing social media landscape.
We would love to hear back from you at the latest by Wednesday 12th of August, if you would be interested in participating in our event. This is an opportunity for you to promote and explain the inner workings of your company to like-minded students who are interested in entering the industry within the next 6 months. You will be a special guest of RMIT University and we will promote your involvement around campus and via our social media outlets as well.

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