to be honest

I’d have preferred to do something with radio, but it’s not a popular choice. Everyone wants to be the next filmmaker and, maybe it’s just me, but that pathway seems oversaturated, competitive, tiresome and cliched. It’s not the “next big thing”. There are only so many stories you can create. Maybe that’s why I respect those who chose documentary as a topic – they’re not creating fiction, they’re representing truth.

Whatever. Someone’s gotta be the next Chris Marker.

I’d also have preferred the steering committee to be a little more creative. “Epic Journey”? Is this 2009? What right do you have to paste all of our media cohort with that word? I don’t think I’ve cringed more throughout my entire degree. I wanna say it’s an “epic fail” but that leads to a slippery slope. Of course, I raised this issue with my group but not the actual committee. I’m lazy.

Facebook group set up, as per usual. I’m getting really good at doing that. The Social Media team on social media, discussing how best to tell peers about social media. There’s been some actually clever ideas to fulfil the catchy-seminar-title requirement. My personal favourite was Matt’s “Dora the Internet Explorer” but the Inception idea seems to fit our (stupid) theme better.

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 4.57.42 pm

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