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Stumble upon… Stumbleupon

Something that I have gladly shared through my friendship circle over the pass few years is a website I brought back from a trip to Colorado, USA.


What to do when your bored scrolling a pointless Facebook newsfeed. What to do when the depths of the internet have been surfed back and forth again and again…or so you thought.

WELCOME to the world of Stumbleupon. The easiest way to get a whole lot of quality webpages specifically for you, as well as trashing the garbage and most likely wasting numerous of hours a day.

The simple click of of a button and connected through Facebook, you have your own stumble account. Stumbleupon consists of numerous categories ranging from sports to film, drugs to humour. Inside these categories are subcategories (i.e BMX in Sport) that can also be selected to specify your interests. After you have selected those that you like, click stumble and well…you will stumbleupon some amazing things. You can further more filter the websites that come through with a simple thumbs up or thumbs down, and the ones you thumbs up will generate more similar sites and vice versa.

Check out Stumbleupon HERE for all your internet goodness.

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