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what is this – who are you

“Online persona” was what stuck with my after the introduction to this course and assignment. For those who don’t know me but read what I type, look at what I do through photos and see what i’m like through the things I talk about – who am I?

I thought about typing up an about me section, so people know what kind of person I am and the interests I have – but to just say it all would be boring, and not very helpful. Instead, I wanted to incorporate the use of this online persona on the blog forum and give you the chance to decide for yourself through – the networked media. Over time I have acclimated a variety of positions on the internet and together, they create somewhat of a character of who I am.

My videos [<-- click there] are something I strive in making better and more entertaining. Through these you can get a glimpse at the sought of things i'm interested in and the style in which I like to portray these ideas and interests. A blog [<-- click there] from when I was 15 when traveling around America snowboarding. Yet to jump on the twitter bandwagon, there is not much else besides my Facebook on this network that would convey as my online persona - however I ensure that this blog will be regularly updated with a bit of this and a bit of that every week and slowly, my persona will become more evident and my writing more useful and interesting!

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