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networked media – poetic.

THIS representation sets the scene for a visually masterful depiction of, what is, networked media. A sea of ideas. An ocean of ideas. And us, on a specifically small boat with not a sail but a motor that floats and weaves.

We are invited to assume that the network inside networked media are like the ever changing waves in such a vast area of water – multidirectional and untamed, our limits are very, well..limited. We decide where we put, place and develop our ideas. How we share them and what form we present them in. These waves of our ideas are not subjected to the pressure of the opposing forces that so many peoples are, their ideas simply sitting at the bottom of the ocean – waiting to rise yet only to be casted with a sail and begin being pushed in a single direction not of their own choice.

We are simply in a boat surrounded by ideas and information from others, which we can peer into – understand and grasp, dipping our our into the water. And through only this does a ripple effect of other water and other ideas start to swell and form around the idea seeking oar.

This extract is a metaphor for the type of network we live in today. One where all different ideas [waves] of all shapes and sizes have a place to go, and as there is no shore – each idealogical difference is just as close to each other as any other. There is an endless map for us to travel and it is up to us subjectively how fast we go, where we go and how long we stop.

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