A Remote Journey

Here we are, the day of our seminar, finally able to see where our hard work has gotten us!


So us camera crew (Miguel, Dan and I) met at the tech office in building 9 at 2.30 to collect our gear and take it to the lecture theatre. At this point we had a pretty clear idea of how we wanted it to be set up and how we were going to work with the audio, but we were still going to play around a bit with positioning to see if we could do better.


Miguel and Jenny with the camera gear on our way to the seminar


Once we got to the lecture theatre we had to wait for the previous class to finish, this gave us time to relax and have a brief meeting to go over everything with everyone else in the group. We then went and unpacked everything and began setting up the cameras once we were allowed in to the room.

I operated the stable camera that had a wide shot capturing all the guests and the screen behind.


When the seminar started, everything was going so amazing until the fire alarm went off and interrupted everything! Luckily 20 minutes later we were back in the theatre and continued, and it still managed to be a great seminar and the guests were super interesting.


We ended on a great note and then packed up the lecture theatre as best we could.

Dan and i edited the highlight reel for our seminar as the final contribution and submitted it in.


Overall I was super happy with how our seminar turned out and I think our whole team did an amazing job!


So after meetings and almost controversial discussions on Facebook, not only did we come up with a poster (with my Mona Lisa idea incorporated):

But we also managed to book all 3 guests which is such a relief given that it has been such short notice for our group to put all of this together.

  1. Our first guest Steven, is a drama development exec who works at Matchbox Pictures
  2. And our second guest is Stuart who is a television screenwriter
  3. Our third guest is Gareth who is a writer/producer

I’m really glad we have people that are doing various jobs in the industry because it will give our seminar a little something extra and more exciting information.

What I did:

  • All the camera operators (there are 3 of us) talked about what camera’s we want to use, what equipment has been put aside for us, audio questions and also when we should book it. We then went and discussed it with the tech guys
  • We also created a plan of how we wanted the camera’s set up on the day, and by witnessing the Social Media group set up their camera’s we got a good understanding of what we needed to do, and what we can do better.


(this is some of our notes for the camera set up)

  • So far I have been to every meeting and class and participated in everything that I can!

Seminars for days…

So as a part of Media Industries, we have gotten in to groups to put together a seminar, my group and I are doing the Television industry “A Remote Journey” with the theme of Epic Adventures.

Early stages:

I threw around a couple of ridiculous yet visual ideas for our seminar (both set and poster):

  1.  Mona Lisa holding a remote (poster)
  2. Stack of old TVs as a back drop (think 80s Less Than Zero when McCarthy walks in to the party)

Job Roles:

We sorted out our job roles significantly early on when everyone was here and was able to do so quite quickly. I put my hand up for camera duty, so booking cameras and filming on the day which will be pretty fun!


Unfortunately I don’t know anyone in the TV industry personally, but we were lucky enough to have a couple of people know some producers and writers for various tv shows and some that worked for Freemantle Media! It’s still to be confirmed but we have 2 weeks before our Seminar so hopefully that will work out!


We still haven’t sorted out a structure yet because we have no booked guests but we want something interactive and our guests to speak about their journey of getting in to the Television industry and little tips on how to start and the kind of things you need to think about when working in the industry.