So after meetings and almost controversial discussions on Facebook, not only did we come up with a poster (with my Mona Lisa idea incorporated):

But we also managed to book all 3 guests which is such a relief given that it has been such short notice for our group to put all of this together.

  1. Our first guest Steven, is a drama development exec who works at Matchbox Pictures
  2. And our second guest is Stuart who is a television screenwriter
  3. Our third guest is Gareth who is a writer/producer

I’m really glad we have people that are doing various jobs in the industry because it will give our seminar a little something extra and more exciting information.

What I did:

  • All the camera operators (there are 3 of us) talked about what camera’s we want to use, what equipment has been put aside for us, audio questions and also when we should book it. We then went and discussed it with the tech guys
  • We also created a plan of how we wanted the camera’s set up on the day, and by witnessing the Social Media group set up their camera’s we got a good understanding of what we needed to do, and what we can do better.


(this is some of our notes for the camera set up)

  • So far I have been to every meeting and class and participated in everything that I can!

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