#82 Hactivism and all that

So I watched some of the documentary and found it completely ridiculous- mainly because people are literally way too extreme and need to calm down, they are actually psychotic. Also partly because I don’t know why we are watching this at all- leading me to the actual point of this class- which I have come to the conclusion that there is none. It is irrelevant, it’s just filling up that extra space that us media kids need a 4th subject. It’s social media, we don’t need to study it- in today’s culture it’s common sense.


How does this documentary alter your understanding of Internet? I suppose it just goes to show how open the internet is and how many people it reaches (no shit)

How is social media used to create a community of people who share a similar interest and politics? How? Through connecting people worldwide- hello? websites, Facebook pages and all other forms.

What ideas does this documentary raise in regards to designing an event that asks people to participate and become part of a community? The same as it always has, getting people involved and coming together is needed to create the event, spreading it around, word of mouth etc.

What basic questions. This class is pathetic.

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