The last day of the class in the summer semester has arrived quickly and the day was spent fine tuning our short documentary. After showing Rohan our fine cut he advised us of a few things that needed to be corrected. Mostly it was colour correcting that needed to be done which is something I don’t have any experience with using Premiere. After playing around with the video effects we found that using the fast colour corrector tool was the easiest and most effective way of slightly changing the saturation of images. The following shots were darker and of a lesser quality than the others due to the camera settings being incorrect without our knowledge on one of our shooting days. Adjusting the colour substantially improved the quality and allowed the shots to fit in more seamlessly with the others.

Clare also figured out how to make the colour saturation change gradually in a particular shot which we applied to the first close up of Ariel to reiterate our central theme of the Coogi Man bringing colour to Melbourne. We decided to leave the final edit for Monday, the day before the due date as we feel that will leave us with plenty of time and allow us a fresh look at the piece after being away from it for a couple of days.


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