Both Wednesday and Thursday this week were spent working on our rough draft to be uploaded and sent through to Rohan by Friday morning. On Wednesday I spent a couple of hours editing but found that because some of our footage was deleted we were running out of shots to use that were both relevant and unused previously in the film. Therefore I concentrated on levelling out the sound and organising the footage we did have in a way that assisted in communicating the narrative primarily communicated through the sound clips.

All of class time on Thursday was spent continuing to work on getting our rough draft finished. Clare spent some time at the Queen Victoria Markets in order to obtain the additional footage we needed while I continued editing. We mainly needed some establishing shots of the markets and Clare shot a great range of different options in order to ensure we had all of the footage we needed to finish our rough draft. Meanwhile I continued with editing, and had Rohan have a look at what we had so far to make sure we were on the right track. He confirmed we were on the right track once we had the extra market footage but suggested I change a few things:

  • Insert a sound bite of Ariel saying ‘it’s’ at the very start to complete the sentence
  • Insert market noises at the start and have them fade out rather than suddenly stop
  • Cut out a section of Ariel’s interview sound clip when he is talking about the sweaters as he repeats himself

I agreed that all of these things needed to be corrected and even though they were very small changes it made a huge difference in the quality. Especially the addition of ‘it’s’ at the very start. Without it Ariel started his sentence with ‘Typical to Melbourne…’ which didn’t make much sense so I found a seperate clip of him saying ‘it’s’ and attached it to the start- luckily it fit in seamlessly!

The footage Clare got of the markets worked well and added more of a sense of place to the overall piece compared to when there weren’t really any shots of the market. We were able to finish off our rough draft and although we know there are a few things that need tweaking we are happy with it so far and looking forward to some feedback to assist in our fine-tuning over the next week.



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