collaboration lecture

The focus for this weeks lecture was collaboration. For me personally, working in groups has always been a very positive or a very negative experience. I think my main problem in group work is that I’m a self-confessed control freak, and in group work I’m forced to give up a little bit of that control. I was always worried that the other people in my group would let me down and leave me to do all the work. However, in the lecture many good hints were given on successfully working in a group. Group work can be great for inspiration- something I think will be very beneficial for media work. In any particular group everyone will have their different strengths and weaknesses which can then balance out. For example, the idea of story boarding or writing a script doesn’t excite me at all- I’d rather be behind the camera controlling what something LOOKS like rather then its contents. In group work everyone can work together to get all of these things done…


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