Picture This! reflection on feedback

About my screenplay idea and work that I’ve done so far, Dylan Murphy told me that he found my idea of a moral choice based video game interesting; he gave me the idea to look at the gameĀ Infamous, which has two separate endings based on whether the player wants to be good or evil. Since this is something that I want explore in my screenplay, I want to look into it further.

Smiljana Glisovic suggested that my screenplay was similar to Jessica Jones. I wasn’t really given much advice on how I might be able to take this into consideration on how I will write my story. It is interesting because I love the show, and the main character is inspired by Christina Ritter’s performance. I think that from her comments on my story, I’ll need to consider how I write my story in the context of superhero stories and movies that are currently popular. I also think that I should reflect on how to distance my story from others that might be in the same vein.

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