Picture This! W.i.p

SCENE 1 wip-1ivkf6z

This is the beginning of one scene that I’m working on for my final screenplay. I feel like I work best scene by scene as they come to me, not in chronological order.

For my story, I have decided to write a videogame. I don’t think that I’ll write the entirety of my idea, because that would be too ambitious to finish within the time I have left in the studio.

The story is that in a city where some rare people have magical abilities, a young woman develops powers and attempts to use it for vigilante justice. However, things go incredibly wrong for her, and she is forced to work for the most powerful criminal in the city.

I feel like listening to music lately has really influenced the idea that I’ve come up with. I’ve been listening to Junkie XL, who composed the score forĀ Mad Max Fury Road, and I’ve also been listening to bands like AC/DC, Lonefree, Private Function and the Stiffys. Rock has definitely been instrumental in the kind of imagery and action that I want to write about and visualise, and the epic badassery of Junkie XL’s score is something that I’ve thought about a lot as well.

I think I want to write a videogame more than a short film firstly because I like the idea of playing with moral dilemmas and in game decisions that a player can make. Secondly, I imagine a lot of action sequences mostly, and I think that having an action videogame with my story would be compelling and exciting to write.