Picture This! MT wk 1

We had a look in our first class at how to effectively and professionally write screenplays. What I got out of this mostly was that it’s best not to waffle, but be very succint. It immediately made me think of the recentĀ Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film from last year, and an interview that I watched with Eddie Redmayne about the style JK Rowling took in writing the screenplay.

He described that the screenplay was very rich with description, and I imagined that it would be similar to reading one of her novels. This is not what a screenplay should be.

I can definitely see why someone would want to write a heavily descriptive, novel-esque script. When I write, I get really passionate in a first draft and it becomes a lot of poetic waffling. I think that something I want to start practicing is having a world that is well built, with strong laws and foundations to it, and then be able to whittle it down to a succint and understandable script. I did the exact opposite of this in a project from my last studio, but in my defense it had minimal dialogue. I plan on improving my practice in this studio

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