MOI Wk 12

This week we recapped what we had gone over this past semester. I definitely feel like I have learned a lot in this studio, especially since I feel like I have had a lot of creative freedom in it. I do wish I had done more work in sound and music, and tried playing around in Audition more.

This week I have been working on tidying up my video, colour grading it and finally getting into making a soundscape. I am working with Sam and Kyle from my class on making the sound for the film, and I’m hoping the sound will bring up a sense of otherworldly-ness.

Colour grading has been an interesting journey. I have been using the Change Color effect on nearly every clip to make the sky turn grey, and for the most part it works well. The only issue that I am having is that the tolerance can be a bit iffy, so if I make it so a whole lot of blue disappears then Jessica’s hair turns greyscale too; if I have the tolerance too low, then bits of the sky stay a pixellated blue. I can fix this with a mask, however.

MOI Wk 11

So this week I was shooting for my short film for the final assessment. It is going to be short from what I am seeing so far, aligning everything in the timeline in Premiere Pro. Will it be too short? Don’t think so. I intend to go crazy on aesthetic detail, so this will involve Premiere and Adobe After Effects as well.

Biggest issue I had was wrangling the dog, Missy. Delightful dog, but not super obedient. Another issue that I had was that I did not feed my cast for a while when we were shooting, so we all got hungry and tired pretty quickly.

Now I am in the process of editing. I am fiddling with colour grading and split screening for one shot, and so far it is creating a fairly surreal effect. I want to do some more testing and see if I can improve this effect even further.