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Nope to this class. Nu-uh not havin it.
Today we discussed immersion in horror cinema, and I cannot watch horror. It terrifies me. Its easy to make a horror story in my opinion. But I cannot take the suspense. Alien (1979) just about destroyed me.

What I hate is prolonged scares, like what we watched from the Conjuring today. So much suspense, and definitely the sound design affects me the most. Sound definitely brings the audience into the universe of the film and utterly immerses you. So when there is utter silence, or the ambience is off key and building it makes me feel unwell and scrambly.

I admit I was hiding under the chair during the Conjuring viewing, so I cannot comment on the visuals. If I’d watched the visuals and blocked my ears it may have given me a different reaction.

Night of the Living Dead was not as immersive for me, despite being a classic, but considering it was probably the first of its kind, it is fairly brilliant from the scenes we watched. The technical immersiveness was not as engaging as contemporary horror films, the sound design felt clunky in comparison to¬†Conjuring. The visuals weren’t far off from basically what is seen today, however.

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  1. Sorry Hattie – I was about to say it will be easier in Wk7, but Darrin will be talking science fiction, so there may well be more scares to come!


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