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Assignment 4

For the whole semester, my investigation is to make a series shots of zombie, which creating a horror atmosphere. I mainly looked at the location, setting, and composition of some zombie movies, and to find what elements are important in… Continue Reading →

Plan for following weeks

Simple plan for following weeks Week 9 Shots: Dirty dishes Feet Fake blood Week 10 Shots: Zombie walking Or other ideas Week 11 Shooting or editing or looking for suitable music Week 12 Editing Week 13 Editing  

Shaun of The Dead (2004)

I watched Shaun of the Dead (2004) again in order to get inspiration this week. Then I found a shot of Shaun’s feet when he woke up was quite inspiring. The camera barely moved in the beginning, then Shaun’s feet… Continue Reading →

Reflection on shoot

Trong and I took a series of shots during the mid-break. We did both indoors and outdoors shots. The shooting took place in Trong’s apartment and the residential areas. The place was good, it was open and quiet, which is… Continue Reading →

Ideas v4; plan for shooting

Indoors Fake blood Use food colouring to make fake blood Blood on the floor, wall, everywhere Close-up, medium shot Handprints Bloody handprints on the wall, the mirror, and so on. Can also appear outdoors, like an  empty bus or tram… Continue Reading →

28 Days Later (2002)

The clip of the vacant London in 28 Days Later (2002) is quite typical. It demonstrates the abnormal condition of the city clearly. The street was empty and in a mess. Rather than showing a quiet street at night, showing… Continue Reading →


For my investigation. I want to make a series shots of zombie. I’m going to explore what elements zombie movies contain and how to achieve them. I was inspired by a movie called Contracted. It is a story telling a… Continue Reading →

Ideas v3

Indoors Fake blood Use food colouring to make fake blood Handprint Bloody handprints on the wall, the mirror, and so on. Hand A close shot of a shaking hand on the floor. Leg A close shot of someone’s leg dragging… Continue Reading →

Ideas v2

Zombie film: Location A quite street near my home, no car passing by. The car park of Deakin University, which is large and quiet. A train station looks like the image below. Fake blood Making fake blood to make the… Continue Reading →


Zombie No people/main character Quiet and dark street (still shot) Dragging leg (tracking shot) POV to create nervous feelings Close shot of somebody’s head (tracking shot) Shadow

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