What are your Goals?

Cal Newport believes that passion for one’s work is a product achieved. This passionate sense of fulfilment comes with attaining confidence and competent skills through years of hard work and overcoming challenges. Such an idea contradicts the general norm: that passion is a prerequisite in obtaining fulfilment from one’s work. 

Newport begs to differ. He calls it the “passion trap”. Seeing it as a prerequisite causes people to hop from job to job, thinking that happiness is derived from an already-established environment. Then, when you have left the unhappy place to unexpectedly land in another unhappy place, you become even more demoralised. (warning, reading his articles can be a slap in the face)

To avoid the “passion trap”, Newport advises that we “systematically build up a valuable skill to become leverage”. I guess this means, we should foremost, set goals then identify how to achieve them in a smart way.

Some may call Newport a realist but think about it, he’s saying that technically, we can overcome anything! (That sounds un-realist to me) Having a lack of experience does not matter and we simply need to start somewhere. What is significantly consequential, is creating a sound system that helps you climb the ladder of success – coupled with constant practise and application, of course. 

So I came up with some questions to reflect on. If you’re lost, maybe these could help you too:
– What is it you like to do?
(it doesn’t matter if you don’t know yet. passion comes later remember? so just keep visiting this)
– Are you curious about a specific industry?
(well, here’s definitely a starting point!)
– How do you make your current skills more valuable?
(ok, yeah you gotta figure out the skills you have. level of competency doesn’t matter cos improvement is what we’re working on.)
– What kind of training or exposure do you need?
(university? apprenticeship? volunteering? whatever it is, you need to find guidance)
– What is your ultimate objective? What are the smaller goals that will help you achieve your objective?

For the next three years, my ultimate objective is to graduate. So here are my mini goals for your perusal:

New Chapter, New Goals

1.) Know what and who it takes to produce various types of media content – from websites to radio, films to events.

2.) Understand what makes a well-composed photograph. Apply and produce.

3.) Understand how camera movement affects audience and successfully operate professional camera for film and photography.

4.) Explore how movement can be captured and directed for the camera, especially movement in traditional performing arts.

5.) To learn and apply editing skills.

6.) To learn and apply interviewing and networking skills.

7.) To learn and apply marketing and advertising skills.

8.) Develop my “voice” / professional identity.

9.) Acquire work experience in the relevant industries. (How does media serve the environment, health, national defence sectors?)

10.) To know what medium I want to specialise in and attain competent, valuable skills.

Cheers to the future and a fulfilment that comes later!