Week seven’s class time was dedicated to the creation and presentation of my project proposal. After completing my written project proposal, I was unhappy with what I had given. My ideas were a puzzle in my mind, all meshing into one rather than being structured and coherent. At this point I wasn’t feeling too positive about my ideas, I thought they were something, something with possible potential but I was having difficulty have complete faith in my ideas that may never even work. In Tuesday’s class, speaking to other class members reassured me that my ideas were not completely useless, that they could be the beginning of something great. Going into the presentation on the Thursday was nerve-wracking for me. I felt nervous, intimidated, and doubtful of my ideas, of myself. After watching the other studio members’ presentations, some which were well developed and some not as much, I became more anxious. What if I was asked a question I could not answer? What if nobody actually understand my ideas? Could I even understand my ideas? After all of this, it went smoothly and successfully. I was extremely surprised and slightly ecstatic at the feedback I received. To be told that my ideas were well thought out and “inspired” were refreshing, reassuring and have created a great fire of positivity and believe within my attitude towards the project. The other feedback regarding sound within my pieces and the number of pieces to be created was greatly appreciated, as it was insightful to hear feedback from the panel members who I would consider “outsiders”. It was definitely a beneficial experience in which I gained some constructive and encouraging advice and feedback, which will push me to create something that reflects the potential the panel members believe it has.