This semester, the Media course has taught me how vast and complex the industry truly is. It is obvious, to anyone, that media – filmmaking and channeling some form of creativity is not as simple as it may appear. The process is much greater than one would believe. In order to create anything, other than the mandatory pre-production work, actions regarding copyrighting are such a crucial element in creating something that I have learnt so far in the course, will never be an original idea. An artist can “borrow” from others, be influenced by things smaller or greater than them, or they can have endless resources, however it is not enough to just think about doing something with these things. Media is about doing, acting on your ideas and thoughts to create something bigger, larger than life, and something special.

Throughout this course I have found that I learn the most effectively through speaking to those around me. The richest part of my experience so far has been feeding off others’ ideas, being exposed to a plethora of different attitudes and styles that previously would have been foreign and unusual to me. In a different environment, having this range of people and collective experiences would not have affected me or influenced me in any way, however the inclusive nature of the tutorials has completely opened me up to such a broad range of culture, age, social class and taste.

The most challenging aspect within the course, although I have previously mentioned positively approaching variation of influence and ideas, has been correctly implementing it within my work and in my mentality. Is has been important to me this semester to reach out into the unknown, to explore what I had never before through listening and understanding those around me – students and lecturers. It has been challenging to not constrict yourself to what you are familiar and comfortable with. This is something that I have attempted to achieve so far in the course, but it something that needs to be carried out throughout the course and into a career in the media industry, as you can never be exposed to too many different approaches towards creative practice.

I believe that I have discovered a broader range of capabilities within myself. Through the process of creative practice throughout the semester, the manner in which deep analysis and thought has been implemented has encouraged me to understand the capabilities I have. Through the various project briefs, I have challenged myself, adhering to specific criteria whilst intending to remain true to my own creative style. I have learnt that in order to develop, it is crucial to explore different styles and concept, stepping out of your comfort zone in these regards, ensuring that I can create a diverse pool of ideas and approaches towards media practice.

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