‘Film’ Seminar – A New Hope (Post 1)

Session 1 (Week 3)

Soooo we were asked to choose a group in which we will work for the rest of the semester to create a seminar featuring members of that particular industry! We had options but let’s be honest, I was dying to pick Film given it was my major and the field I am most interested in. We were shuffled over into groups based on our choice of field and luckily we decided to present in week 9 of this semester, so that meant we had a decent amount of time to prepare. The first step we as a team decided: MAKE A FACEBOOK GROUP.


Our entire course theme was the ‘journey’ so we spoke about the notion of how, often many industry members shift from job to job with different requirements in the industry (say producer, turned director, who was once a boom mic holder).


The idea here is that we have a single communicative platform so that we stay united and can liaise with other team members. We then decided to allocate some responsibility and I jumped on the film promo video for the seminar. At this point we hadn’t establish many of the jobs so we all slotted ourselves into broader categories until we delved more into the project and new jobs cam up.

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