Week 8: Interviews begin [Untold Stories]

Today Nolan and I had an opportunity to speak to Danny, who worked on the bridge following the collapse, and who is active within the Westgate memorial committee. It was a really great interview, somewhat aided by the fact that Danny is very easy to talk to, and has a lot of knowledge about the bridge and the community which surrounds it. I haven’t interviewed a participant for a documentary in a while, so I was quite conscious that I needed to prepare for it. The research that I did was quite key to this, and I think what worked was the general approach that both Nolan and I took to it – quite a conversational one. It was also really great for Nolan to be there, as with another person where you can sort of bounce off of them and collaborate in that sense.

This experience has helped us to come to a clearer vision for our project. I think we have realised that the time frame, as well as the scope of the subject of the bridge, is working against us. We do only have a few weeks, and the length of the videos were only a few minutes means that to summarise the events of the bridge in an informative or historical sense is frankly quite ambitious. I think it would serve us better to focus on participants, and as Kim mentioned to us, their relationship to, and experience with the bridge. Though I do think that for this information side of things, the format of an interactive website would suit this for any other supplementary information. Stylistically, theĀ approach that we have will be affected by the above, and I think will inform it significantly.

I do think that going forward we have a clearer vision and while the interview work we have to do is significant, I think the task at hand is much more approachable than it was a few weeks ago.


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