Virtual Tour

Jake mapped out where we will be taking photos for our virtual tour inside building 16. The blue men with “H” written on them represent HOTSPOTS where we will be taking wide-angle shots:

Building_16_Level_02 Building_16_Level_03 Building_16_Level_04 Building_16_Level_05 Building_16_Level_06 Building_16_Level_07

I also filled out all of the risk-assessment and filming on campus forms, and we are just waiting to hear back with confirmation. Hopefully, we will be taking the photos on Monday the 18th (one week from now). Then we can begin uploading the photos to our virtual tour website. The idea is that users will be able to virtually walk through Storey Hall and stop at various hotspots, which will link to individual students work. For example, my hotspot will be the brick wall on the first floor landing. By clicking on the wall, the page will open my short film for users to watch.


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