Symposium 12

When we look at the domain name of a website, we are simply seeing a “human readable” version of the numbers underneath. A point I picked up from this week’s symposium was that everything (technology wise) has a unique IP address- Adrian tells us that “all devices are talking to each other.”

Naturally, I’ve linked this idea back to something we discussed much earlier in the course- what we see on a website is merely a cover, a human readable version, of a page full of HTML.

Does this extend beyond the realms of the internet? As with everything else in this course, it does (of course). Adrian has told us earlier this semester about the building blocks that we use to learn and create. How do we read? How do we build a chair? What IS a book? These are some of the questions that Adrian has presented us with this semester. A chair is a series of intricate pieces welded, moulded, screwed together to create something of use in the same way that a website is a series of HTML building blocks slotted together to create something that the human eye can take in- in some cases more effectively than others.


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