Reading 11.1 – Galloway

The diagram is a “distributed network”, a structural form without centre that resembles a web or meshwork… The management style is “protocol”, the principle of organisation native to computers in distributed networks. 

I’m not very good at technology. I can take/edit a selfie, my instagram game is on point, and as we established earlier this semester, I pretty much invented HTML. But that’s probably the extent of it.

This reading has flawed me (no mean feat might I add). I don’t quite understand this computer protocol business. I can tell you this- “the most extensive ‘computerised information management’ system existing today is the internet”. No surprises there given the name and purpose of this course…

What I’m vibing from this week’s reading is that computers can do heaps of stuff, like making connections between certain actions and bits of information and basically making sure everything works the way it should. Kinda like a brain, right?

I don’t know much about biology either so that may not have been the best reference. At least I did the reading though.


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