Want to get going in music videos once you’re graduated? Calling all final year students! Let Radar’s Playlist help­ it’s FREE!

Radar is the world’s leading music video director community,

We work with up and coming directors and help them get paid work, get videos promoted and help connect with world ­leading reps and production companies.

To encourage brand new directors, we’re setting up a playlist on our Radar YouTube channel to promote recently graduated students.The best videos on the playlist win a FREE tryout membership on Radar ­ where you can read briefs and pitch to make budgeted music videos with artists and labels worldwide.

Most budgets on Radar range from $800 and $15k,. Commissioners range from major record labels to independent labels and artists worldwide. Subscriptions to Radar are between $9 to $15, entirely optional and can be easily cancelled at any time.

If you’d like us to feature your work and take a shot at winning a free membership, please send a link to Jake@Radarmusicvideos.com and he’ll sort it out. Send a link to your best music video, if you don’t have music videos, send us a link to the best video you’ve directed.

We’re looking forward to seeing your work!

Meanwhile, learn more about how to build a career directing music videos on our blog.