I am working with the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne and we are running a short film competition – the Western Union Short Film Competition. The closing date has just been extended until 30th June.

It’s open to film makers from Australia and India to submit short films of 10 minutes or under based on the theme of equality. Film makers from Australia will win a ticket to India and film makers from India will win a ticket to Australia.  The winning 2 short films will get screened before every feature at high profile cinemas and venues in Melbourne including Federation Square over 14th – 27th August and follow up screenings in Sydney as part of Beyond Bollywood.

It is a fantastic opportunity for both emerging and more experienced film makers to have their film reach a wide and diverse audience and have a high level of exposure. It is open to all genres. Entry is free and film makers can submit as many times as they like.

I dropped in some posters to the School but would you be able to please pass on also to your students? We’re obviously keen to source high quality entries from local applicants.

Please go to http://www.iffm.com.au for more details about the competition and Festival events. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.