one last time

Gemma had some interesting insight about the symposium and the way we learn- I particularly liked this quote:

“Although school children have access to an abundance of new and innovative technologies, they are not given the FREEDOM that comes with networked media. Children will teach themselves HOW to do things, however it is up to their parents and teachers to show them the WHYS.”

I feel its super important for us to find and recognise that ‘why’- our person why, why things work, why things are this way or that.

once again Lou-Lou provided the goods about the reading and symposium- some nice insight about protocols and the net

Finally, how could I finish semester without linking to old mate ge ge georgia It has nothing to do with this subject, it more runs the lines of another old mate of mine- EMINEM, but seriously as gal who had named herself Geminem, she’s in a genius!

Felicia Gomez

Professional Communication Student RMIT University- Melbourne

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