An another adventure draws to a close-

I always feel like the last class of semester should round off with a “Grease” style, sing along where we all join hands and run into the sunset.

But alas, I will walk out of the door today in Networked Media, in a non dramatised style without thematic musical style number, and leave behind another uni subject.

While apprehensive of the content in this course, I didn’t think I would get a whole heap out of it- but hey!, guess who was wrong.

NM has become another block in the tower of feshisha getting her degree, but it is also a little more then that. In retrospect, this semester I have noticed ALOT of changes in myself, creatively and motivationally. The blogging aspect of this subject has aided the growth of my self expression, and the constant conversations about themes and ideas that rack my curly brains have kept me on my toes, and kept the mind jogging.

I’m gonna miss this class- and old mate Elliot.

Till next time guys-

Seriously I feel like I am gonna cry- The Velvet Underground’s “OH! Sweet Nothing” is not helping my emotions at this current time.


Felicia Gomez

Professional Communication Student RMIT University- Melbourne

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