The love of ‘L’

Elliot you should be proud because as the following post will prove I have successfully linked to 3 peers blogs!

 Old mate Louisa and Louis provided some witty wisdom and alliteration filled fun. (Get it?)

Louis wrote a post about consumerism and market capitalism, which caught my attention.

Louisa  well her blog just rocks and I really like the links to RMIT pages and other news sites! She wrote about Jason’s comment in a Symposium a few weeks ago-

“literacy is not limited to technology – that it can instead also be applied to biology or any form of interconnected structure.”

She then linked to  Caitlin who always offers sound insight, which in this case was the term ‘ Sonder’ which I will be sure to add to my vernacular.


Felicia Gomez

Professional Communication Student RMIT University- Melbourne

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