Media 4 | Transcribing Footage


Transcribing: For my process I have decided to transcribe all audio, cut away and interviews because I think it will be the only way to clearly link the content. Because we did so many different kinds of interviews with multiple positions for the subject, allowing Leigh to move around freely and be himself was a priority. But it meant that the audio and his talking was going to be different each time. I was nervous about doing a less physically ┬ástructured shoot where the subject does all there speaking from one spot, but this process of transcribing so far is really helpful because it’s allowing me to see exactly what’s there; how revealing Leigh is being and when he is deciding to open up gradually through humour or offer an insightful moment. Because most of the audio was recorded inside, it is cutting together quite well without too many shifts in the atmos.

I did shoot some EXT interviews as well but I’m not sure if I’ll use that audio because it’s tonally very different and more performative than the intimate recordings we get inside.

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