Media 4 | Shoot ‘HOARD’

Shoot Wednesday 12th October

Camera: Sony Alpha

Lenses used: Sony 18-105 f4

OSS Samyang 12mm f2.0

Lav Mic system: Rode Link Wireless lav system

Stabilizer: Glidecam HD 2000

FILM BY: Fabiana Weiner

DOP: Michael Firus

STARRING: Leigh Taylor

The shoot went relatively smoothly. We travelled out to the subjects home with a small crew of only 2 people. We shot around 40 minutes of footage that I believe will be enough content to create a 4 and a half minute video. I would like to keep the clip as short as possible as I think for this project, too much explaining of the subjects ‘hoarding’ isn’t necessarily that engaging. It’s obvious that he is a hoarder. The rough cut will be able to determine whether talking within the setting is engaging just as much as directly discussing the habit itself. But, I found that the subject didn’t want to talk too much about the ‘hoarding’ as he still wants to present himself as a collector of interesting things. I found that when I asked questions directly about the hoarding, he became quite shut off and embarrassed. When I asked about the items that interested him, inquiring more about the hobby of collecting, he was more engaged. It was interesting that he described the habit as feeling like a stone around his neck, that he just needed to get his life back and that eventually he will arrange the items in an interesting way and get rid of all the ‘junk’. But we know, that one of the compulsions with hoarding and the main anxiety or fear, is that one day, somehow, that item will become useful again or be once more in fashion. This makes it very difficult for the person to throw anything away. It becomes an overwhelming task to the point where the mind gets fixated on the next item or object or collection of things to distract from the huge amount of stuff.

It’s an interesting addiction that is visible at all times. It’s one that exists externally as well as internally which means that isolation and secrecy is part of the process. For whatever reason, the person is embarrassed or scared of someone entering their home. We found that leigh was incredibly sensitive and anxious when the door was left open. The house was far away an very secluded and private, it would be highly unlikely for anyone to try and come inside especially when there are people there. But he was intent on locking the door when we were shooting outside, as well as inside.

This is a photo Leigh’s front porch.

Leigh Taylor Home

Leigh Taylor Home

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